Supporting Full and Shared MasterNodes
Currently servicing $PAC Masternodes

Masternode Hosting Basics

    How it works - Full Node Hosting
  • Reach out to us on discord and let us know how many nodes you wish to purchase.
  • We will provision new nodes for you. Average turn around time is less than 24 hours.
  • When the nodes are ready we will contact you and walk you through the setup process.
  • Once your nodes are operational you send payment in BTC/LTC/ETH.

    How it works - Shared Masternodes
    ** Currently not taking reservations, we are at full shared node capacity due to full node demand.
  • Masternodes are split into 20 shares each costing 25k $PAC
  • User requests a deposit address via discord and deposits $PAC increments of 25k $PAC.
  • The largest input address from the deposit will be used for share payouts and withdrawl. Any extra $PAC not in 25k increments will also be returned to this address.
  • Your shares will be associated with one or more masternodes depending on availability and you will receive payouts from those nodes proportional to your shares
  • Anytime after your minimum hosting period ends, if you wish to have your share collateral returned. Simply contact us on discord. We will ask you to provide a random test deposit amount of $PAC to your original share wallet. Once received, within 7 days your collateral and the deposit amount will be returned to the original share address.

If you have any questions or would like us to host your Masternode Share, reach out to us on Discord.

Contact us on Discord

breakcrypto#0011 | semiformal#9897 |

High Availability

Rapid deployment and stability from our streamlined network should provide high uptime and larger value for your masternode shares.


If a node disconnects or needs updating it will be handled. $PAC is a newer coin and will likely require regular updating.

How much Rewards?

We have no way to determine that. It is related to how many masternodes are available, block rewards, etc. Usually early masternodes generate higher rewards, but there are no guarantees.

Public IPs

Masternodes require a unique IP for hosting. We handle this for the nodes. Each will be segmented and given its own IP.

Collateral Separated

Collateral wallets will not be stored on the Masternode Host for security and will be used only when withdrawn or rewards/hosting fees are paid.


We can't make any guarantees about uptime or $PAC's core code. The coin is new and may face some initial challenges. We expect to be able to handle any that we face, updates, changes, modifications etc. But we want to be upfront that new coins like $PAC do come with risks.