We request that Masternode Holders support
the ongoing projects we are Working on.

Innovation Proposal

    To approve the budget
  • In your wallet under Tools > Debug Console
  • Copy and paste:
    gobject vote-many beca8dafb525283e38c7dc6e58da0b2dfd53c5310a6af2e333794123b338ae8a funding yes
  • Press Enter and it should record your vote

We are just a group of developers dedicated to making blockchain great! While not affiliated with $PAC, we think our projects offer great value to the $PAC community.

The monthly proposal request is 2,000,000 $PAC monthly to fund ongoing projects.

The funds will be spent on maintaining the testnet with all the needed servers (miners, masternodes and development environments), managing the masternode monitor, continuing to build out the governance system, expanding to new projects, and adding features to the coin where possible. You can see a small sample below of what we are working on now. Any remaining $PAC from the proposal budget will be used to pay for time and effort of the team.